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AILTE creates, cultivates, and advances present and future leaders for the betterment of our world. AILTE uses education to help make present leaders more successful and to identify the future leaders of tomorrow. AILTE believes that human values are the most vital characteristic leaders possess that fuels their strengths. AILTE seeks to encourage present leaders to make ethical decisions based upon their strengths. AILTE seeks to cultivate these values within the future leaders of tomorrow. AILTE believes that the need for leadership never sleeps and will prepare all leaders to handle all challenges ethically and successfully.

AILTE believes there is one fundamental equation for the essence of leadership.

All leaders must have a passion for something in their world. Passion is the energy inside of us that drives us. But passion needs focus, it needs harnessing, it needs determination. Once a leader harnesses or focuses their passion through determination, then their vision is created. And the mission of all leaders is to take their vision and implement it onto the world. This is done by two simple ways, through communication and hard work. In order for a leader to be successful though, they have to communicate better than the best communicator in the room, and they have to work harder than the hardest person in the room and this effort has to be constantly multiplied. Once a leader embraces the tools necessary to implement their vision, then and only then will they be successful.



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