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About Us

About Us

Mr. Matthew Kwasiborski-Founder and CEO of AILTE

fotostudiomd@seznam.cz Matt has seventeen years experience of working and living internationally. Matt has led over 1800 people from 45+ countries and cultures through various projects and programs. He has also worked with over fourteen current or former heads of state; members of various parliaments and the US Congress, NATO, Ambassadors/Embassies, regional and local politicians, successful business people, successful non-profit and academic leaders, influential journalists and a wide variety of other leaders throughout various industries. These 1800 people of various backgrounds and cultures contributed immensely to the success of over forty-five international ventures.

Matt has also delivered leadership workshops and seminars to various organizations throughout Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. These organizations include the President of Macedonia’s School for Young Leaders, Utrecht University, Charles University, Warsaw School of Economics, University of Warsaw, Comenius University Bratislava, Bucharest Academy of Economic Sciences, Chisinau Academy of Economic Sciences, Kyiv-Mohlya National University, Taras Shevchenko University, Ivo Franko National University Lviv, St. Cyril Methodius University Skopje, Lebanese American University, University of Georgia, Piraeus University, Belgrade Open School, Pristina University, INPO in Ferizaj, European Youth Parliament Armenia, American Corner Skopje, Liberal Youth Party of Ukraine, European Students for Liberty, amongst others.

Matt stresses three key leadership styles: emotional leadership, servant leadership, and the Path-Goal theory. He believes that the emotional leadership evolves out of both servant leadership and Path-Goal Theory. He also touches upon the 3P’s of leadership and also focuses on basic human needs. His main objective behind his trainings are to build trust-worthy cultures within organizations of any size. Matt guarantees long-term success for any organization that are able to build an organizational structure whose main foundation is communication and trust.

Matt personally adopts the situational style of leadership with a heavy emphasis on the characteristics of servant leadership. He relies less on a position-based organizational model and more upon a role-leading model where the status between a leader and his people are equal. Matt believes that emotional intelligence, empathy, fairness, and communication are the keys to any successful leadership endeavor.

Matt was born and raised in Philadelphia. He graduated from Loyola University New Orleans with a degree in history. He spent ten years living, studying and working in New Orleans. He believes that living in the gritty, face paced northeast combined with the laid back southern lifestyle of New Orleans, effectively prepared him for his international career.

Matt earned a masters of executive leadership from the Thierry Graduate School of Leadership (Brussels) and has lived in Prague, Czech Republic, Leysin, Switzerland, Brussels, Belgium, Kyiv, Ukraine, and Lake Balaton, Hungary. He has traveled to over 34 countries and maintains over 4500 contacts around the world. He currently calls Prague his home base, for now.